Date: 1/2/18 6:12 am
From: Nancy L Newfield <nancy...>
Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Frozen feeders

I meant to respond to your helpful post yesterday, but became preoccupied
with family affairs. My feeders were OK when the sun came up, but they
froze almost immediately.

The late great Bob Sargent recommended using outdoor rated flood lamps. I
am rotating just 1 feeder.

Selasphorus are a bit more cold-hardy than Archilochus, but even Rufous are
at risk when temperatures drop below freezing and remain so for 24 to 36

Currently, I am hosting 2 Ruby-throateds that are not feeder birds. Also,
it is 39ºF in Helsinki, Finland, where my elder daughter lives. Crazy!


On Mon, Jan 1, 2018 at 4:57 AM, Paul Conover <zoiseaux...> wrote:

> Labird,
> In a little over an hour, hummer hosts will probably find out how
> many hummers they have as their chilly hummers descend on feeders. Feeders
> will probably be the only food source for the next week, so remember to
> keep them thawed. I mention this only because some of you may be recent
> converts to winter hummer feeding and may not have ever had to deal with
> hummingbird feeders vs. extreme Louisiana cold, or may have just spaced out
> about your feeders as you worry about you plumbing.
> Some hosts have figured out ways to keep feeders liquid despite the
> freeze; I haven't, so I'll be rotating my feeders out if they start to
> freeze up.
> Bonne chance et bonne annee!
> Paul Conover
> Lafayette

Nancy L Newfield
Casa Colibrí
Metairie, Louisiana USA
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