Date: 1/1/18 4:26 pm
From: Casey Rucker <caseydryfork...>
Subject: New Year yard red-tails (Tucker)
Hi, all,

A pair of soaring Red-tailed Hawks brightened the New Year above the yard
today. It's been below zero here for at least five nights, and the birds are
hungry. Approximate numbers: Mourning Doves - 80, Red-bellied, Downy, &
Hairy Woodpeckers - 4 each; (who knows how to count Black-capped Chickadees,
Tufted Titmice, and White-breasted Nuthatches at the feeders? I think I
always undercount.); House Finches - 15; Pine Siskins ~150; American
Goldfinches - 20; Dark-eyed Juncos - 80.

An Eastern Bluebird and a White-throated Sparrow visited the feeders last
Friday. An unfortunate Carolina Wren has been showing up, but I didn't see
him or her today. I'll bet their numbers will be down next summer, poor
little guys.

Good birding,

Casey Rucker

Dry Fork, WV
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