Date: 1/1/18 4:20 pm
From: Gabriel Mapel via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Augusta & Rockingham Counties first of year highlights
Hi all,Instead of heading over to Highland County Allen Larner and I decided to stay in the valley on this frigid January 1st.  We ended up having a fantastic day of birding around Augusta and Rockingham Counties finding 75 species total.
We spent most of the day in Augusta but wandered up to Rockingham in the afternoon where our highlights included: Lake Campbell waterfowl (300 Canada Geese, 1 N. Shoveler, 2 Gadwall, 1 Wigeon, 1 Pintail, 4 GW Teal, 2 Redhead, 8 Ring-necked, 1 G. Scaup).  Silver Lake waterfowl (2 Shovelers, 8 Gadwall, 3 Pintails, 1 G. Scaup, and the continuing Long-tailed Duck).  42 Eurasian Collared-Doves at the known location at the intersection of Lumber Mill and Dry River Roads.  The Snowy Owl at the Walmart property in Mt Crawford, viewed from McDonald's as reported real time from the field.
Our Augusta County highlights included:
Note: Most waterfowl noted as "Throughout the County" at the Rte 254 ponds on the north of Waynesboro, Fishersville Quarry, and/or Bell's Lane Private Pond.

Snow Goose 1 -- Rte 254 ponds, north end of WaynesboroG. White-fronted Goose 29 -- 13 at Bell's Lane Private Pond, 13 at Long Meadow Rd Pond, 3 at Fishersville Quarry.  New Winter Peak Count for Augusta County.
Cackling Goose 10 -- 1 at Fishersville Quarry, 9 at Bell's Lane Private Pond.Canada Goose 1,355 -- Throughout the county.Trumpeter Swan 1 -- Continuing at Rte 254 ponds, north end of Waynesboro.  Gadwall 115 -- Throughout the county.American Black Duck 15 -- Throughout.N. Pintail 8 -- Throughout.GW Teal 17 -- Throughout.Redhead 18 -- Throughout.Ring-necked 50 -- Throughout.Lesser Scaup 2 -- Bell's Lane Private Pond.Ruddy Duck 8 -- Bell's Lane Private Pond.Pied-billed Grebe 1 -- Bell's Lane Private Pond.BC Night-Heron 1 -- InVista Ponds in Waynesboro.N. Harrier 3 -- Throughout the county.Bald Eagle 2 -- Guthrie Rd & Swoope.Red-shouldered Hawk 7 -- Throughout the county.Barn Owl 1 -- Private property silo.E. Screech-Owl 1 -- calling post-sunset along Sangers Lane.Great Horned Owl 2 -- calling post-sunset in the New Hope area.Short-eared Owl 7 -- Bell's Lane at dusk.  *NOTE including the Snowy up in Rockingham we had a 5 owl species day today!Red-headed Woodpecker 2 -- Mish Barn Rd and Livick Rd in Swoope.Am. Kestrel 14 -- Throughout the county.Horned Lark 460 -- Mostly in the Swoope Area.American Pipit 90 -- Chapel Hill Ln near Weyers Cave.Swamp Sparrow 2 -- Boy Scout Lane in Swoope.
Thanks to Allen for a fantastic day of birding and a great start to the year!  Wishing everyone a bird-filled and fabulous 2018.Gabriel MapelNew Hope

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