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As caren said there was a Mandarin Duck at Pine Lake about 10 years ago. Around that same time frame, I had a Mandarin Duck show up for a day at the pond behind my house in Klahanie. The Mandarin Duck also showed up for a day the following year. He hung out with the Wood Ducks and seemed very skittish. I assumed it was the Pine Lake duck, but maybe not.

Diane Weinstein

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last time we had one in the area (that i know of, anyway) was 2007 november. it was on pine lake, and stephen dempsey and linda davey were kind enough to allow me to photograph it from their lakeside home...
you might try one of the local aviculturists in the area. i know paul dye's northwest wildfowl had at least two about 12 years ago, but when he died i'm not sure if the family held onto the business (and their birds)...

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george davis creek, north fork

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Does anyone know where I can find a Mandarin Duck in the greater Seattle area?

I got a 2018 calendar with 365 birds pictured. January 1st bird is Mandarin Duck. I know I won’t see all 365 birds this year but it would be fun to start the year with this beauty.

Linda Phillips


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