Date: 1/1/18 3:26 pm
From: Judy & Don <9waterfall9...>
Subject: Re: Water !
> We see birds drinking at the creek only 100 feet away in winter so I never thought they needed something closer to the feeders. Just off the deck there is a goldfish pond with a bubbler and plants they sit upon to drink.
> But after reading all these posts I felt guilty and on Friday decided to set the extra heated chicken water bowl on the edge of the deck with a large flat-topped rock in the center so they could perch around the edge or sit on the rock like they do in the unheated birdbath in warm weather. I put seeds nearby. Well, it's been almost 4 days and I haven't seen a single bird drinking from the bowl yet. Squirrels of course, but no birds. So I have been pouring warm water into the unheated birdbath all afternoon. It freezes but I just pour more warm water in. The birds love it.
> Guess I should buy a heated birdbath.

Ninestone, Carroll County
On Jan 1, 2018, at 2:41 PM, Karen Konarski-Hart <karen...> wrote:

> Right that! We have a heated bath & keep adding water from pitcher. A robin watched as I filled it w warm water & was in immediately. Also throwing scratch seed on ground has them all hopping. I can feel them giving me the squint eye when Iím a bit late. They all look like brown tennis balls w feet.
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> On Jan 1, 2018, at 10:53 AM, Gail Miller <gail.miller...> wrote:
>> I have a floating livestock trough heater in my water feature. Donít know how big yours is Jerry, but this morning, after a 10 degree night, my water was free of ice.
>> Gail Miller
>> Conway, AR
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>> Since this cold spell started I have continued to keep my water feature flowing and the birds have flocked to it like water in a desert. The supply side line finally froze. Unfortunately, it was on the same electric box line as my two heated bird baths. This morning I had to go out and unplug the pump in order to turn on the heated baths. It will take a while for the Ice to melt but they will soon hopefully find them and have their much needed water. I hope all of you remember that putting out water on these freezing days is as important as seed and suet.
>> Jerry Schulz
>> Little Rock, Arkansas

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