Date: 1/1/18 2:19 pm
From: laura ceperley <ceperleylau...>
Subject: Happy new year yard birds!
I was delighted to see all my friends zipping around the yard this morning, despite the frigid temperatures — cardinals, titmouses, nuthatches, Hairy, Downys, Blue Jays,Starlings. The prize for the first bird of 2018 goes to an Eastern Towhee, which there are lots of this winter. I think there was more activity around the bird bath than the feeders, including a Red-bellied that first chased off 3 Mourning Doves then spend about 5 minutes drinking. I’ve never seen a woodpecker at the bird bath before. A good reminder the unfrozen water is in short supply right now.

The most exciting birds was a Ruby-Crowned Kinglet picking on the azaleas by my front door. I stopped treating these bushes for late-summer fungus/insects a few years ago when I realized that kinglets fed on them in the middle of winter. And today one arrived! What a New Year’s treat to watch it’s ruby head on it’s hyper active body two feet from the window instead of way way way up in the tree! The magic of birds.

Happy 2018, Laura Ceperley, Kanawha County.
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