Date: 1/1/18 1:54 pm
From: Jeff Calhoun <jeffcalhoun11...>
Subject: Dodge City CBC
The Dodge City CBC was conducted in bitterly cold conditions yesterday,
December 31, by a truly fantastic group of seventeen counters in five
parties. We tallied 75 species with 2 count week species (Townsend's
Solitaire and Lesser Scaup not seen on count day). The highlights may be of
interest only to me, but a few things that caught my eye are outlined below:

Geese - VERY enormous numbers of geese and all five species overwintering
here, and a total of nearly 42,000 Snow Geese is still probably an

Ducks - 7 species of waterfowl is nothing to scoff at for this count,
especially given the availability of water and then water that is actually
open... the best were the 2 Wood Ducks and 1 Common Merganser

Doves - Only 3 White-winged Doves... they all go to Garden... only 637 EC
Dove!! Down from the recent average but have many we can still share with
Garden :) .

Raptors - It's always fun to cruise for raptors and this count encountered
18 (!) Rough-legged Hawks, 3 Ferruginous Hawks, 2 Golden Eagles, and 1 Bald
Eagle (rare)... oh and 43 Harriers, 73 Red-tails, 6 Prairie Falcons, and 19
Great Horned Owls!

Nifty passerines - We counted 41 Black-billed Magpies, probably sure to be
a Kansas high count. Red Crossbills were located in at least 5 different
locales by my best estimation, totaling 87 birds! The 14 Eastern and 6
Mountain Bluebirds northeast of town were the only for the count! A good
Longspur year is in progress in this part of the state, with more than 12k
Laplands recorded, and a pickup of 10 McCown's Longspurs was an excellent
addition to the count! Sparrow numbers were decent though not spectacular.
The clutch pickup of 3 Spotted Towhees, 2 Savannahs, 2 Fox, and 2 Lincoln's
Sparrows were very nice!

Thanks to all who could help. Syracuse tomorrow should be a lot of fun!
Happy New Years to all!

Jeff Calhoun
Dodge City, KS

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