Date: 1/1/18 1:44 pm
From: Peter Vankevich (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Ocacoke CBC brief report
With about 20 observers on Saturday (Dec. 30), the Ocracoke Christmas Bird
Count tallied unofficially 79 species – about average. The surprising
aspect was the lack of shorebirds on the beach. None seen. Normally
Sanderlings, Willets, Black-bellied Plovers and Red Knots can be easily
found this time of year. We did pick up a few Killdeer and six American
Oystercatchers and some count week shorebirds around the island. Also no
one reported any Savannah Sparrows which might be a first miss since
starting the count in 1981. Consolation was a CW Baltimore Oriole that
showed up briefly in my yard this morning. Two Prairie Warblers were pretty
good birds for this count. We remain on a Snowy Owl watch. /Peter Vankevich

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