Date: 1/1/18 12:05 pm
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Subject: [CALBIRDS] Barn Swallows - what is going on?
Happy New year

Here are the 2017 December Barn Swallow records, look at CA all the way up
to BC!!

What is going on? Here in Half Moon Bay, nearly all of the December Barn
Swallows this last year were birds or small flocks going north. We have had
lots of warm days with offshore winds, which concentrate birds on the move
right at the coast. It seems to me that these winter northbound movements of
Barn Swallows are becoming more prominent, and are happening earlier and
earlier in the season. What I don't understand is if these are truly
northbound migrants, or do they return south before the real push north?
Their movements look like migration, and they are consistently northbound in
this winter period, yet most birds are not in full breeding garb, suggesting
they are young or perhaps adults that have not finished molt. When the real
push of birds moving to breeding grounds happens, they look the part.

And why only Barn Swallows, and not other swallows. I have been intrigued
by these swallow movements for years, and this past year there were more
than ever.


Alvaro Jaramillo

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