Date: 1/1/18 11:51 am
From: John Fussell <jfuss...>
Subject: Re: Black Vultures and Table Scraps
See Birds of North America, by T.G. Pearson et al, 1917, for a photo of Black Vultures scavenging the streets of Charleston.

Further, under the species account, it states: "To the visitor for the first time in the South the appearance of that dusky scavenger the Black Vulture, calmly walking around in the streets as domesticated and unafraid as the English Sparrow of northern cities, strikes him as a bit odd."

John Fussell
Morehead City, NC

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From: Steve Cox
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Sent: Monday, January 01, 2018 10:04 AM
Subject: Black Vultures and Table Scraps

Hi and happy new year to all:

For the past two days, I have experienced something that is new to me. ¬ A few days ago, I threw out in my back yard some table scrapes, particularly a turkey carcass. Usually a raccoon, possum or dog will find any scraps and consume them.

Yesterday and today, I had¬ a mixed flock of black and turkey vultures visit. The black vultures were pigging out on the carcass. The turkey vultures were not paying it any attention.

Has anyone else experienced black vultures eating table scraps?

Steve Cox

Fountain Inn, SC

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