Date: 1/1/18 6:28 am
From: Jane Whitaker <jane.whitaker...>
Subject: Hardy CBC
The Moorefield (Hardy County) count was held Dec. 28, 2017. We had 18 participants. High notes were approx. 2500 Robins in a flock flying over Moorefield, a mixed flock of Blackbirds, and a road kill Long-eared owl recovered by Kevin Oxenrider (nongame DNR). Jane Whitaker

Great Blue Heron-4
Black Vulture-48
Turkey Vulture-49
Canada Goose-53
American Black Duck-2
Northern Shoveler-1
American Pintail-17
Common Merganser-17
Duck Sp.-8
Golden Eagle-4
Bald Eagle-66
Northern Harrier-3
Sharp-shinned Hawk-1
Cooper’s Hawk-4
Red-tailed Hawk-25
American Kestrel-13
Wild Turkey-CW
Common Snope-2
Rock Pigeon-460
Mourning Dove-162
Short-eared Owl-1
Great Horned Owl-2
Barn Owl-1
Long-eared Owl-1
Belted Kingfisher-5
Red-headed Woodpecker-7
Red-bellied Woodpecker-23
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker-11
Downy Woodpecker-34
Hairy Woodpecker-8
Northern Flicker-14
Pileated Woodpecker-9
Blue Jay-129
American Crow-144
Crow Sp.-2
Common Raven-30
Horned Lark-17
Carolina Chickadee-CW
Black-capped Chickadee-28
Tufted Titmouse-52
White-breasted Nuthatch-39
Brown Creeper-2
Carolina Wren-18
Winter Wren-1
Go;den-crowned Kinglet-6
Ruby-crowned Kinglet-1
Eastern Bluebird-58
Hermit Thrush-3
American Robin-6,624
Northern Mockingbird-30
European Starling-2,451
American Pipit-2
Cedar Waxwing-23
Yellow-Romped Warbler-13
Eastern Towhee-CW
American Tree Sparrow-1
Fox Sparrow-1
Song Sparrow-47
Swamp Sparrow-8
White-throated Sparrow-72
White-crowned Sparrow-199
Dark-eyed Junco-258
Northern Cardinal-94
Red-winged Blackbird-385
Eastern Meadowlark-2
Rusty Blackbird-42
Common Grackle-2
Brown-headed Cowbird-42
Purple Finch-2
House Finch-12
American Goldfinch-65
House Sparrow -122
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