Date: 12/31/17 3:17 pm
From: Spike Selig <spikeselig...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] Mute swans Eagle Creeek
This morning,  visible from Rick's Café, there was a 50' wide 300' long trough of open  water, the rest of the reservoir frozen solid. About 100 Canada Geese were sitting on the ice with snow covering their backs. Among the Canadas,  2 swans were sitting with heads tucked in making identification impossible.  After the bird hike tally brunch at the ice skating pond, I went back to Rick's  and waited 45 minuets before finally, the swans untucked their heads and stood up.  4 swans stood up showing their Mute Swan bills.Also,  a Rough-legged Hawk flew out of a tree top at the SE end of the EC Airport, the hawk heading NE over the airport. I don't think we get a  R H more than once a year or less at EC.On Thursday, Dec. 28th About 50 crows were ground feeding near where I found the Fish Crows last week.  A Red-shouldered Hawk landed in the middle of the crows and started feeding off the ground. The crows some 2 feet apart ignored the hawk in invading their space. The hawk picked up a leaf sized something off o the ground but flew away. Strange!Drain some water out of your sinks and showers or let them drip all night for the cold days ahead. Use the money you save from frozen plumbing and go birding.Great day for birding.Spike

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