Date: 12/31/17 2:20 pm
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Subject: [OrangeCountyBirding] Huntington Central Park CBC
I spent most of Saturday doing a preliminary sweep of the east side of Huntington Central Park for today's CBC.

No new rarities found but highlights were:

CLAY-COLORED SPARROW (1) - mixed in with a flock of Chipping Sparrows that roam widely but favor the west end of the narrow unnamed slough (coordinates 33.705849, -118.003404)
NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH (1) - west end of "Island" riparian slough (33.704689, -118.002396)
PALM WARBLER (1) - in alders by drain culvert at SE corner of the "Island" slough
BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER (1) - in the coral tree at walk-in spot at SE corner of "Island" slough
NASHVILLE WARBLER (1) - in eucs and bushes along the fence line north of the Gothard restrooms
RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER (1) - seen in the cottonwoods along north side of "Island" slough before flying west toward the lake
BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLER (1) - immature male in a myoporum tree at west end of the big lawn running west from Gothard Hill
BULLOCK'S ORIOLE (1) - immature male or female seen in the Jack Green Nature area; the same bird or a 2nd bird later seen in the sweet gum trees north of the "Island" riparian slough
WILSON"S WARBLER (1) - in the "Island" slough. I could not locate 4 additional birds today which I know are wintering in the park: 1 west of library, 1 south of cafe, 1 in Loren's Ditch, and 1 by Slater playground.
LARK SPARROW (2) - rare for the park. 1 along the oil property east of the amphitheater restrooms and 1 by the cement stage
FOX SPARROW (3) - uncommon for the park. I know of at least 5 birds in the park this winter. 3 slate-colored, at least 1 sooty, and 1 that is either a bright altivagans type (Slate-colored/Red intergrade) or a dull zaboria type (Red) located south of the cafe; oddly for December I found one of the slate-coloreds sitting on a shrub singing
WILSON"S SNIPE (1) - flushed from marshy edge of lake east of the fenced garden
SWAMP SPARROW (1) - missed today but found it yesterday in the grassy margin along the tules west of the fenched garden. It has resumed being very skulky.
"MYRTLE" YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER (8) - Found a total of 8 Myrtles scattered around the park and 1 hybrid Myrtle x Audubon.
LEAST BITTERN (2) - Heard two yesterday and one today in the tules north and west of fenced garden

Roger Schoedl
Huntington Beach
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