Date: 12/31/17 1:11 pm
From: juliana manoliu <juliana.manoliu...> [south-bay-birds] <south-bay-birds-noreply...>
Subject: Re: [SBB] Coyote Valley and Charleston Slough-correction
The white goose was a Snowy as mentioned by Ryan Phillips in the CBC e-mail

juliana manoliu

On 12/30/2017 4:59 PM, <j.manoliu...> [south-bay-birds] wrote:
> on 12/30/17 I spent a few hours on Laguna Ave and at the Open space
> preserve on Palm Ave.
> When I arrived at Laguna West shortly before 9 AM there was a large
> tractor plowing the fields to the South. There were a few American
> kestrels and hundreds of blackbirds swooping down and around , but I
> could only see well one Tricolored blackbird.
> On Palm Ave there were again a few kestrels, but not much else. I
> hiked some into the preserve and got to see large numbers of
> Yellow-billed magpie, heard lots of Western meadowlarks but saw very
> few of them. Several Say's phoebes were seen in the preserve and then
> on my second pass on Laguna Ave around 4-5 total. Only one
> White-tailed kite on a wire near the beginning of the trail at the
> preserve.
> When I left the area, drove up on Bailey to where some geese were
> reported in the last couple of weeks. I was fortunate to find the
> juvenileRoss' goose on the grass by the road- but it left soon after
> with about half of the Canada geese. Bill of bird was dark(?), not
> red. Then I looked through the remaining Canada geese and found two
> small ones which I could not identify in the field. Looking at my
> photos later one had a white ring/band, the other didn't- maybe one
> Aleutian and one cackling. Feeding among the geese was a flock of
> coots, but there wa! s one Common gallinule with them.
> When I left the geese I stopped to look at a raptor perched in a tree.
> Very difficult to figure it out in the field being a little far for my
> equipment, but looking at my guide it became a 3rd year Bald
> eagle-dirty white head and white on the undertail; bill yellow and large.
> My brief stop at Charleston Slough did not produce a bittern although
> the green heron was at the back of the channel. An immature Belted
> kingfisher was on the side of Shoreline lake. A Fox sparrow was
> feeding with yellow-crowned sparrows on the side of the bittern channel.
> Juliana Manoliu

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