Date: 12/31/17 12:45 pm
From: Carol Morgan <crxmorgan...>
Subject: Holton CBC
Whew! What a frigid day for the Holton CBC yesterday! Twelve volunteers covered the CBC circle and found 62 species and 9939 individual birds.

There is nothing exceptional to report. We were on the lookout for rarities like a snowy owl, but had no luck. Except for Am. tree sparrows and juncos, sparrows in general were hard to find. There was little open water, and of course Canada geese crowded the pools that were open on Banner Creek Lake and Prairie Lake. We had single digit numbers of birds like green-wing teal, wigeon, hooded merganser, ring-neck, common merganser, coot, lesser scaup, and white-fronted goose. Mallards and cackling geese were present in the hundreds.

It is always fun to be out birding with similarly obsessed friends. Thank you to my volunteers!

Carol Morgan
Cell: 785-554-5112

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