Date: 12/31/17 12:37 pm
From: David McDonald <dkmmdpa...>
Subject: [texbirds] Tamaulipas Crow - today
Hi Texbirders,
Happy New Year and I finished 2017 with this lifer. Thanks to those who
found the bird at Goose Island SP.

I did not get an opportunity to see the bird when it was in the Galveston
area. So I was delighted to see it was found again further south.

I drove down this morning and 2 birders there had the bird in a yellow
fruiting tree in the pasture across from the big tree. I saw the bird but
he was maybe 100 years away. But they said be patient as he flies back and
forth from there to the waters edge.

Sure enough, he flew down to the waters edge and landed on the ground with
a group of grackles.

I drove to the spot and he was about 25 feet away. Amazing!

He has a very similar bluish sheen like the grackles, but is bulkier and
has a dark eye.

Haha this sure beats looking in the Brownsville dump.

Good birding y'all

David McDonald
Friendswood TX

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