Date: 12/31/17 11:00 am
From: Lori <lconrad6853...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] Portal CBC yesterday
Hi all,

We had our CBC here in Portal yesterday & I believe the tentative total was
133, which would be 2 more than in 2016.

Highlights include 9 Red Crossbills (type 2) in a private yard (ours!)
coming in for water (plus a few others seen in the count circle); Montezuma
Quail (seen in a private yard & up South Fork); 3 Olive Warblers along the
South Fork trail; 2 different adult male Scott's Orioles in private yards
(one in ours!); & at least 3 Rivoli's Hummingbirds (one in our yard). Other
hummingbirds seen were both male & female Broad-tailed (!) in a private
yard, Broad-billed, Blue-throated, Rufous & the usual Anna's. Also reported
was a Clay-colored Sparrow, a Gray Catbird, a few Black-chinned Sparrows, a
Winter Wren, a Cassin's Sparrow, a Common Poorwill (!), Crissal Thrashers,
Golden-crowned Kinglets & our own special bird, the Mexican Chickadee.

All in all a good count, followed by a great dinner. Thanks go to Bonnie
Bowen (& friends) for making it happen this year.

Lori & Mark Conrad

Portal, AZ

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