Date: 12/31/17 7:48 am
From: Jeff Parks <lastimout...>
Subject: [cobirds] Swans on Valmont Reservoir
Hi all -

After I was out visiting some friends, I stopped by Valmont Reservoir for a
quick visit yesterday afternoon hoping to see something interesting. On
the east end of the reservoir, there were four large swans. Tundra Swans,
I thought, and tried to get better looks with my binoculars, since I had
left the scope at home. As I watched them, it looked like three of them
were larger than the fourth, and the smaller one had more grey on it as
well. I couldn't see them well enough to call the larger ones Trumpeter
Swans, but it seemed possible. In the evening, while I was looking through
eBird reports from the day, I noticed that a couple of other birders (Paul
Bonfils and Donald Jones) had been out there as well, and both of them ID'd
them as Trumpeter Swans, and Paul had a couple of pictures posted.
Hopefully they will stick around for a little while so I can get back out
there with a scope.

On another note, while watching the birds that were close enough to see
with binoculars, I noticed a large gull in the water in with a small flock
of Coots and Hooded Mergansers. It seemed larger than a Ring-Billed, and I
couldn't make out any black on any of the feathers. Donald Jones reported
a Glaucous Gull yesterday, so I may have seen that one as well. Once
again, I was kicking myself for leaving the scope at home.

There was also a couple of juvenile Bald Eagles in the vicinity. The cold
weather has not affected Valmont Reservoir, it didn't have any ice on it
that I could see. The forecast for today is more cold weather with a
little snow, but as long as the wind stays calm, it shouldn't be too bad.

Good Birding -

Jeff Parks
Boulder, CO

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