Date: 12/31/17 12:04 am
From: Kirk Swenson <khswenson...> [central_valley_birds] <central_valley_birds-noreply...>
Subject: [CVBirds] Short-eared Owls at Plainsfield School
This afternoon at Plainsfield School in addition to the expected
Ferruginous Hawks (three when I was there, six earlier in the day fide
Steve Hampton) there were three Short-eared Owls. Two were found perched on
a fencepost and a bush respectively a little before 5:00 and a third bird
started hunting around 5:10. Eventually, multiple birds were hunting and
calling. It's possible there were more than three birds but I never saw
more than three at once. A few days ago I stopped by the traditional
Short-eared Owl spot on Road 30 at dusk and saw none, so Plainsfield School
may be a better bet for those looking to add Short-eared Owl to their year
list on the last day of the year.

Earlier this afternoon, I had another Short-eared Owl on Road 89 south of
Road 14. The bird was flushed by hunters in a field east of Road 89. Other
birds in that general vicinity included another Ferruginous Hawk and a
Golden Eagle (Road 88) and a Prairie Falcon (Road 13).

For another end-of-year possibility, yesterday on Road 53 out of Guinda I
had two Western Screech-Owls, three Northern Pygmy-Owls, two Mountain
Quail, two Golden Eagles, a flock of about a dozen Band-tailed Pigeons, a
Canyon Wren, one or two Varied Thrushes, and 30+ Purple Finches.

Good birding!
Kirk Swenson
Davis, CA

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