Date: 12/30/17 9:18 pm
From: Norman Edelen <norman.edelen...>
Subject: [obol] Limited mobility birding in Portland, advice sought.
Hello OBOLers,

Recently my health has taken a turn for the worse. I spent all of October
in the hospital, and have been mostly bedridden since. However, I have
gotten clearance to be up and about for short periods of time (and hour or
two), and permission to drive, as long as I am not on my pain medication.
I feel well enough to forgo such medications, and am hoping to get out of
the house a bit and bird. I am currently permanently attached to a wound
VAC, and my muscles have atrophied during my convalescence, so my mobility
is a bit limited. Short walks would be fine, say 100 yards on level
ground, but certainly not a thorough hike. Any suggestions as to where I
might go? I am currently staying out in Summerplace (around 148th and

Thank you greatly in advance,

Norm Edelen

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