Date: 12/30/17 4:59 pm
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Subject: [SBB] Coyote Valley and Charleston Slough
on 12/30/17 I spent a few hours on Laguna Ave and at the Open space preserve on Palm Ave.
When I arrived at Laguna West shortly before 9 AM there was a large tractor plowing the fields to the South. There were a few American kestrels and hundreds of blackbirds swooping down and around , but I could only see well one Tricolored blackbird.
On Palm Ave there were again a few kestrels, but not much else. I hiked some into the preserve and got to see large numbers of Yellow-billed magpie, heard lots of Western meadowlarks but saw very few of them. Several Say's phoebes were seen in the preserve and then on my second pass on Laguna Ave around 4-5 total. Only one White-tailed kite on a wire near the beginning of the trail at the preserve.
When I left the area, drove up on Bailey to where some geese were reported in the last couple of weeks. I was fortunate to find the juvenile Ross' goose on the grass by the road- but it left soon after with about half of the Canada geese. Bill of bird was dark(?), not red. Then I looked through the remaining Canada geese and found two small ones which I could not identify in the field. Looking at my photos later one had a white ring/band, the other didn't- maybe one Aleutian and one cackling. Feeding among the geese was a flock of coots, but there was one Common gallinule with them.
When I left the geese I stopped to look at a raptor perched in a tree. Very difficult to figure it out in the field being a little far for my equipment, but looking at my guide it became a 3rd year Bald eagle-dirty white head and white on the undertail; bill yellow and large.
My brief stop at Charleston Slough did not produce a bittern although the green heron was at the back of the channel. An immature Belted kingfisher was on the side of Shoreline lake. A Fox sparrow was feeding with yellow-crowned sparrows on the side of the bittern channel.

Juliana Manoliu

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