Date: 12/30/17 2:02 pm
From: Phil Pickering <philliplc...>
Subject: [obol] Yaquina Head 12/30
Seawatch Yaquina Head, Yaquina Bay CBC7:15-11:45, starting at 55th
street overlookthen moving to the lighthouse at 7:45.Partly clear with
scattered light showers,becoming mostly clear after 11:00(scoter
flocks north of the head not counted)
3 Canada Goose5 Harlequin Duck200 Surf Scoter50 White-winged Scoter8
Black Scoter2 Long-tailed Duck1 Common Goldeneye600 Red-throated Loon
(steady scattered S)15 Pacific Loon40 Common Loon1 Horned Grebe30
Red-necked Grebe20 Western Grebe70 Northern Fulmar (mostly pale-end
birds detected at distance with a few dark seen in closer)2
Short-tailed Shearwater2 Sooty/Short-tailed1 BOOBY SP.*400 Brandt's
Cormorant (most scattered S)12 Double-crested Cormorant70 Pelagic
Cormorant1 Bald Eagle4 Black Oystercatcher2 Black Turnstone3
Sanderling2500 Common Murre (most S at distance)6 Marbled Murrelet90
Ancient Murrelet (high count of 40+ on the water plus some S movement
intermittently visible)2 Rhinoceros Auklet45 Black-legged Kittiwake
(most adult S)1 SABINE'S GULL**3 Bonaparte's Gull100 Mew Gull20
California Gull300 Western Gull60 Herring Gull2 Thayer's Gull (low,
probably more at distance)40 Glaucous-winged Gull1200 gull sp. (tons
of distant pale-mantled likely majority Herring)1 Peregrine Falcon
* probably juvenile Brown but seen partially silhouetted in poor
light, flying directly southlow to the water at roughly 3/4 mile with
strongdeep even wingbeats. Size approx comparable toBrant's Cormorant
but different shape with thickerneck, larger head/bill, and more
pointed longer wings.Distinctive booby shape immediately apparent
-porportionately very long-winged, long wedge-shapedtail coming to a
point, long thick neck, and head/bill forming long dagger-shaped
frontal profile.Appeared evenly dark brown on body/wings, although
light likely poor enough to obscure any subtle patterning. I did think
I was seeing the bill/face area as slightlypaler showing some contrast
with the wings/body.
** extended look at juvenile flying south by itself 1/3mile. Small
gull more compact than Kittiwake, closerto size of Bonaparte's.
Upperparts distinctively tri-colorpatterened, with black outer
primaries and covertsforming jet black leading edge of the outer wing,
largetriangular clean white wedges on the inner primaries
andsecondaries extending onto the greater coverts, withthe rest of the
inner coverts and back and extending onto the nape, sides of the
breast, and rear part of the face alluniformly mid-brownish in color,
distinctly different than more wing-barred pattern and grayer pattern
colorof juv Kittiwake. Tail slightly forked, mostly white withthin
terminal dark bar.

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