Date: 12/30/17 12:32 pm
From: 'Larry Arnold' <larnold47...> [ible] <ible-noreply...>
Subject: [IBLE] random synapses and questions

Missy and I are still seeing an injured Snow Goose at the first dredge pond
on the S side of our local greenbelt (SW 7.3), about 1.7 miles west of
Glenwood, right wing is limp, and it can't fly? More and more thistle
monsters (siskins and goldfinches) are swarming our five thistle feeders,
but we're not yet seeing any redpolls or Lawrence's Goldfinches. ;-)

?? What are folks across Idaho paying for thistle seed? Best price we're
seeing is at D&B on Tuesdays (discounted 10% for seniors), $31.49 for 25 lb
bag, so $1.26 per lb.

We've been finding 35-45 sp along our local stretch of Boise River
Greenbelt, i.e., between Glenwood (SW 5.6 ) and Eagle Road (SW 10.0), most
typically including 13 sp of waterfowl, CA Quail, PB Grebe, GB Heron, 5-6 sp
of diurnal raptor, gull sp on the wing to/from our local landfill, 3 sp of
dove/pigeon, kingfisher, 2 sp of woodpecker, 3 sp of corvid, 4-5 sp total of
chickadee, nuthatch, creeper, and kinglet, starling of course, Bohemian and
Cedar Waxwing, 2-3 sp of sparrow, 1-2 sp of blackbird, 4 sp of finch, and
House Sparrow.

?? Has anyone been seeing any cormorants, osprey, or uncommon shorebird,
owl, corvid, sparrow, or finch sp along the greenbelt or elsewhere in the
Boise area, but haven't been entering them in eBird? Thanks in advance.

Happy New Year and Good eBirding,

Larry and Missy

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