Date: 12/30/17 7:17 am
From: Ryan Winkleman <rswinkleman...> [OrangeCountyBirding] <OrangeCountyBirding-noreply...>
Subject: [OrangeCountyBirding] eBird Resolutions
Hello OC eBirders,

As 2017 winds to a close and we look forward to 2018, your friendly Orange
County eBird reviewers decided to put together a short list of some
suggested and easy "eBird resolutions" to help improve your eBird user
experience and assist us as your reviewers:

1) Please upload your media files in a timely manner.

Don't forget to upload your media files! It's fairly common for users to
enter in a description that they have photos, and then forget to upload
them. If you write in a species description that you have photos, audio, or
video, the sooner you upload them the sooner we can review your sightings
(and you'll avoid receiving annoying reminder emails!).

2) Please include written descriptions that describe the bird(s).

While media files are "worth a thousand words," sometimes you don't get the
right photo or any supplementary media. In these situations, please
describe in detail what you observed: the bird's size, plumage, behavior,
vocalizations, distinguishing field marks, and/or how you eliminated
expected species. Poor descriptions we receive include "seen well," or
simply include situational descriptions of how the bird was seen, which in
many cases just result in us sending the user an email requesting more
details anyway. In the case of long-staying rarities, even a brief
description of the bird is better than just "continuing." Curious about
what sorts of details can improve your species descriptions? Check out this
helpful article on the elements of writing a bird description, organized
from least helpful to most helpful:

3) Help us improve our email response rate.

Please link eBird to an active email address. Checking in your eBird
profile that you are using an active email address will ensure that we are
able to communicate with you in a timely manner should we ever need to
contact you about a sighting. To do so, go to "My eBird," and in the bottom
right of the screen click the button that says "Account." And don't be
embarrassed or shy if you receive an email from us; we are all friendly and
are generally just looking for more information so that we can improve
eBird's database.

More information on how to improve your eBird checklists and user
experience can be found at the eBird Help Center at

Thanks, and best wishes for a happy and birdy 2018!

Ryan Winkleman, RSM
Jeff Bray, Irvine
Tom Benson, San Bernardino
Tom Ford-Hutchinson, Pennsylvania


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