Date: 12/30/17 6:29 am
From: Ethan Massey <ethanmassey20...>
Subject: Re: ID Help on dark morph goose
It looks like a Ross’s x snow hybrid to me as well. I often question if there is a such thing as a true blue phase Ross’s goose. When a true “blue Ross” is reported I think it is more likely the result of a hybrid that has backcrossed and retained the blue phase genetics. So essentially an F2 or F3 generation hybrid could look almost identical to a Ross’s goose while still retaining the dark morph. That’s all just my opinion though. Awesome find and great pictures!

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Subject: ID Help on dark morph goose

Today Patty and I spotted this dark morph goose at the Alma sewer ponds. In the field we called it a dark morph Ross's Goose. When we looked at the pictures at the house we questioned that and think this is most likely a Ross's x Snow hybrid.

I would like for those that are more familiar with dark morph geese to take a look at the pictures below and offer they expert opinion on these geese.

Link to pictures:

Michael Linz and Patty McLean(In Arkansas this week)

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