Date: 12/29/17 9:05 pm
From: Teresa M <ladytstarlight...>
Subject: Strange flycatcher at Felsenthal today.
: "Greetings all,
I had a really strange flycatcher at Felsenthal today.
What I know:
It was flycatching out and back from the utility line.
It was silhouetted and not the best light, but the back and head appeared dark.
It had a crest.
It had a bunch of yellow on the underside. (much more than the
brightest winter Phoebe.
It wasn't wagging it's tail.
If it had wing bars they were not real noticeable in the lighting.
The underside of the tail was not totally dark. The outer tail
feathers appeared yellow, but they could have been a pale creamy
It wasn't an Eastern Phoebe.
Once it went into the brush it didn't respond to phishing or a Screech Owl.

If you have any guesses on Id I'd love to here them at <leanderson...>

I really hope someone can get a look at it!! Head to the town of
Felsenthal. Just as you hit the dam's levee, turn Right on a gravel rd
that goes along the base of the levee. The bird was about 200' before
the WMA sign. It's better parking on the lower rd than on the levee,
but the bird could be using the entire levee.

There was also 5 species of wintering warbler and a beautiful,
cooperative Blue-headed Vireo.

Leif at Hector

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