Date: 12/29/17 11:16 am
From: Kurt Radamaker <kurtrad...>
Subject: [AZNMbirds] Big Ear - No sightings
This posting may seem a bit odd, but something I've been contemplating for a while. To do a big year of birds that are heard (hence the name Big Ear). I, as many of you enjoy birding by ear, and it would be interesting to keep track of how many birds I can hear in a year. Many birds I see every year, but never hear. In 50 years of birding I've heard Turkey Vulture grunt once! I don't often pay attention to duck calls, and rarely hear Scaup, Redhead, Canvasback etc. It will add some flavor to this years birding to listen for waterbirds! How will I tell the calls of Western and Clark's Grebe apart, they are different, but I've never tried to separate the calls?
If any of you are interested in participating, I'd be happy to post updates on my website. I doubt I'd win, since I work full time, but I'll give it a shot.
It will be interesting to find out which birds are really tough to hear over the year. What will be the first bird I hear this Monday? Mourning Dove, Abert's Towhee, House Finch?
Let me know if you'd like to participate, and I'll try to figure out how to post the website updates, ideas welcome.
Kurt Radamaker

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