Date: 12/29/17 10:01 am
From: 'Tom Leskiw' <tomleskiw...> [CALBIRDS] <CALBIRDS-noreply...>
Subject: [CALBIRDS] follow-up (NEG) on [nwcalbird] Humboldt Co. WW Crossbill 12/21/17
Yesterday, 12/28/17, the pvt property owners returned from the holidays and permitted a small (slo-mo) “chase” party onto the property consisting of Gary and Lauren Lester, Gary Bloomfield and myself. Red Crossbill flocks were scarce and difficult to see in dense coastal fog for about an hr and 15 minutes before we received word of John Hunter’s report of a male WW Crossbill from Big Lagoon Campground. Despite being there 15 minutes after hearing the report, the flock was seen flying to the south as we arrived.

So, no luck at either site.

Happy New Year,
Tom Leskiw
Blue Lakeish, Humboldt County

On Dec 22, 2017, at 08:49, 'Tom Leskiw' <tomleskiw...> [nwcalbird] <nwcalbird-noreply...> wrote:

Yesterday, on pvt property, north of Big Lagoon I had a female WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILL. I deferred reporting this until I could work out some arrangement with the landowner for access. As of 8:20 this morning, I’ve yet hear back from them. I suspect that access, if it’s granted might be for just a few folks, as I’ve only just met them, they have dogs they wish to keep inside during visitations... and there are elk in their meadow where one needs to set up their scope.

I had a rendezvous yesterday with a non-birding friend I’d dropped off at Patricks Point who doesn’t have a cell phone, so yesterday was shot for trying to pursue access further.

I’m participating in tomorrow’s Willow Creek CBC, but I will try give an update later today or late tomorrow.

I suggest that we respect their privacy and our ability to possibly access their place by not trying to find their property at this time.

Tom Leskiw
Blue Lakeish

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