Date: 12/28/17 5:56 pm
From: Walter Cochran <0000023297197213-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Rossville Snowy Owl present today at 4:15 PM
Aaron Batterbee and I managed to relocate the Rossville Snowy Owl around
4:15 PM this evening and had great looks as he set about 250 yards from the
road edge in the stubble just off of NW 39th Street running east 1/2 mile
off of Carlson Road. I don't know much on measuring bird stress, but Aaron
and I did not leave the truck and window scoped the entire time. The owl
seemed calm, busy with head movement as it scanned and set on a higher
mound of plowed under stubble. There was very little traffic and local
residents that drove by seemed to pay no attention to us or the owl, so
hopefully it is not feeling too much pressure. It is sharing habitat with
Trumpeter Swans and Snow Geese as they are all located within a half mile
of each other from this spot.

As you continue driving east 39th will dead end into NW Crawford Road where
we observed 8 Trumpeter Swans in the stubble right off the intersection.
This is the second time in 5 days that I have seen Trumpeter Swans at this
location. The Snowy Owl sit for 30 minutes in one spot and eventually
lifted, appeared to stretch and casually flew to perch right off of tower
one of the nearby sprinkler as the sun was beginning to go down. As well,
birders will get an amazing snow goose experience between Rossville and
Silver Lake on highway 24 as there are likely 20,000 + snow geese in the
stubble on both sides of highway 24--at times so many that traffic had to
slow down as people watching the stunning display of thousands of snow
geese agitated by hovering/hunting Bald Eagles as Aaron and I observed 3
adults and 1 Juvenile harassing the large flocks that have overtaken fields
and country side yards along this stretch of highway. Happy New Year and
enjoy wrapping up those year end lists!


Walt Cochran
Advance Placement U.S. History and Modern U.S. History
Assistant Cross Country
Assistant Girls Soccer

"Character is much easier kept than recovered" -Thomas Paine

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