Date: 12/28/17 4:00 pm
From: Tom Ewert <ewert.tom...>
Subject: Marion yesterday and today
Todd Becker texted me yesterday that he had a pair of long-tailed ducks off
the dam at Marion Reservoir. I went up there this morning to see if I could
relocate them but could not. There are a lot of ducks and geese on the
reservoir. I would guess several thousand white-chinned geese with probably
10% or so cackling. There was a large raft of white geese way out on the
lake, too far to count or tell which type but I did locate several flying
flocks that had both snow and Ross. There continues to be at least 200
white pelicans on the lake, spread out everywhere. Also several hundred
each common merganser and common goldeneye as well as many other ducks. The
surprise was 3 western grebe, just off the dam. I only saw 1 immature bald
eagle, sitting on the ice but there are likely more around.

Good birding,
Tom Ewert

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