Date: 12/28/17 3:58 pm
From: Toddy Guidry <guidrys...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Anna's Hummingbird near Milton (Lafayette)
Hey everyone

I've had an interesting hummer at my house for over a month now, that I
eventually wrote off as an immature male Ruby Throat.

At the Laf CBC yesterday, our crew was at my house and when I told the group
about it, I just felt it was different . It behaved different and I thought
the throat was more pink than usual for a RT and I threw out Anna's for all
to have a good laugh.

Fast forward 30 minutes, Erik Johnson sees the bird, it zooms in to an
Anna's call, it gets caught and banded today by Dave Patton and bam..a
(likely) mature female Anna's!

First Anna's I've had, that makes 8 species of hummers banded in my yard and
9 for the Guidry-Bourque-Johnson refuge!

It is relatively tame and I know the landowner...he is birder friendly..just
call me on my cell if you'd like to come by and see the bird.

Those of you that have been to my place know what I mean when I say , with
this recent weather, "the road is in horrible condition". I live down a
gravel (mostly) road south of Lafayette in Milton. Don't wear your Sunday

Erik has put some pics on eBird.

Toddy Guidry

SE Lafayette Parish

Cell 337-303-2262

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