Date: 12/28/17 2:31 pm
From: douglas stotz <dfstotz...> [ILbirds] <ILbirds-noreply...>
Subject: IBET Laughing Gull near Marseilles and other LaSalle County birds
Went out to eastern LaSalle County this AM. I started by running some
agricultural roads where I had very little, but did see two flocks of
Lapland Longspurs totalling 44 birds on N 32nd St.
I stopped at the Mideast War Memorial on the riverfront east of the
bridge over the lllinois River a little before 10 AM. While looking at
ducks and geese on the river, gulls, mostly Herring, started streaming over
the bridge heading west. It seemed that a young Bald Eagle had spooked
them I looked through the gulls and found a basic-plumaged adult Laughing
Gull, which circled around for a couple of minutes before heading on west.
I later checked about 180 gulls sitting on the ice east of the bridge, but
didn't find anything notable.
I spent most of my birding time in Illini State Park on the south side
of the river. Nothing particularly rare but lots of birds including 4
Yellow-shafted Flickers, 3 robins, 2 waxwings, a Purple Finch, plus many
sparrows along the road edge including 4 Fox, 1 Swamp and 22 White-throated

Doug Stotz

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