Date: 12/28/17 10:43 am
From: Jared Del Rosso <jared.delrosso...>
Subject: [cobirds] Pygmy Nuthatch, White-throated Sparrow, and Goose ID Help - Arapahoe
This morning (12/28), I took my new dog Andre for a walk along the High
Line Canal Trail between Three Ponds Park and Quincy Ave. in Arapahoe Co.,
in part to see what was around ahead of Monday's Denver (Urban) CBC. We had
a single Pygmy Nuthatch in a very bird section of Dahlia Hollow Park. Not
far from the park, just off the canal, we had a White-throated Sparrow.

Before we even got to the trail, we spotted a white goose amid Canadas and
Cacklings at St. Mary Academy along University Ave in Cherry Hills Village.
I couldn't get a great look at the bird, which kept its head down or behind
other geese most of the time I watched it (before the flock flew off). The
photos aren't great, but perhaps someone with a more robust sense of Snow
and Ross's geese could provide some input? I'm leaning Ross's, given the
small size of the goose, the seemingly rounder head, and the (possibly??)
straighter border at the base of the bill, but I don't have a lot of
experience with these geese.

I looked for the bird again on the way home, but as I drove past the
school, a woman and a collie on official "goose patrol" were chasing the
geese off of the school's property.



- Jared Del Rosso
Centennial, CO

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