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Subject: Re: IBET Listers Corner Reminders (re: Thayer's Gull & Barnacle Goose, no new sightings)
hi Joe,

I want to promote Listers Corner in the COS newsletter and would like to add this specific reminder with it. Are you good with that? -- will edit last line to state Contact Joe Lill at email...otherwise, will keep as is.


Shanti, n.

Nancy J. Tikalsky
The Chicago Birder
Chicago Ornithological Society
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Subject: IBET Listers Corner Reminders (re: Thayer's Gull & Barnacle Goose, no new sightings)

The 2017 submissions are started to come in from those who will be out of Illinois for the rest of the year. Just a couple of reminders:
1) Barnacle Goose does not count for any list submitted for Listers Corner, as it is not on the official state list. We can always update the lists should the status of the species change.
2) The Thayer's Gull lump with Iceland Gull will be confusing. Here are some guidelines:
a) Thayer's and Iceland Gulls can count as separate species for any 2017 year, month or day list.
b) For all life lists (state, county, area, site, Total Ticks, Christmas Bird Count, Spring Bird Count, etc.) they do not count as separate species. When you submit, please state that you've removed Thayer's from your total. If you don't, I'll be sending a follow-up email for clarification (which I'm happy to do).
Here's where it gets sticky: you may need to check your lists to see if you also have Iceland Gull on your list for a given tally. For example, if you have Thayer's Gull in Peoria County but not Iceland Gull, congrats! You now have Iceland Gull in Peoria County, and your total doesn't go down. However, if you have both in Peoria County then your total should go down by one, with Thayer's being removed.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions; this will take some sorting out, we know.

Joe Lill
Chicago, Cook County
IOS List Compiler

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