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Subject: RE: [slocobirding] ZONE-TAILED HAWK - Cambria, 12/26
This afternoon Herb Elliot and I watched for the Zone-tailed Hawk from the east end of Village Lane in Cambria. We were essentially across the valley from the Santa Rosa Cemetery where the bird was seen yesterday. At about 3:50 PM, a dark raptor flew past us that looked a lot like a Turkey Vulture but had a longer tail and a more hawk like structure. When I first saw the bird I though I saw a pale tail band on an otherwise dark tail. Herb managed to take photos as the bird flew away that show the features I described above, plus barred flight feathers wuth a dark trailing edge and yellow feet and overall the right shape for Zone-tailed Hawk.

The bird was seen heading west when spotted and was essentially between us and the cemetery. It did not head to the Turkey Vulture roost on the hillside north of Main Street and the Bluebird Motel, but instead continued west. We lost sight of the bird and have no idea where it ended up. If looking for the bird tomorrow morning, it might be best to position yourself somewhere on the south side of the town that affords a view of the area.

The other option is to set up where Herb and I did and watch birds approach the town from the east. There may be a better location for afternoon viewing. It was seen on Tuesday at 3:40 and today at 3:50. Herb will post photos to this checklist later.

Tom Edell

Cayucos, CA

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Several birders checked Cambria this morning. We cocentrated on a large Turkey Vulture roost in the trees on the hillside north of Main Street by the Bluebird Motel. No sign of the hawk this morning.

Probably still somwhere in the area, just more searching needed.

Tom Edell

Cayucos, CA

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Subject: [slocobirding] ZONE-TAILED HAWK - Cambria, 12/26

Hi all,

Apologies for the late notice, I'm visiting family in CA and wasn't already on the listserv. While walking around Cambria today (specifically the Santa Rosa Cemetery off Bridge St.) a Zone-tailed Hawk flew over us headed S/SW over Main St. This was at around 3:40pm today (12/26). I did not see it again, but we were on our way out and didn't spend much longer there. I know there is often a collection of Turkey Vultures in some of the large bare trees around Cambria, so perhaps those would be a good place to check.

Pictures attached on eBird here:



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