Date: 12/27/17 7:30 pm
From: Kaaren Perry <surfbird1...> [slocobirding] <slocobirding-noreply...>
Subject: [slocobirding] No Cambria Zone-tailed for me but.....
I spent a few hours this afternoon at the top of Santa Rosa Cemetery in Cambria hoping the Zone-tailed Hawk would show up while I watched various Turkey Vultures come and go . While none proved to be the Zone-tailed it was fun to see what else might show up there.

A few raptor species made an appearance during the 2 hour stake out: Red-shouldered, Red-tailed and Sharp-shinned hawks, Peregrine, Kestrel and Merlin in the falcon dept were represented. Lots of Turkey Vultures were seen, one with a yellow palatial tag, but no Zone-tail for me… yet!

Yellow-rumps, White-crowned, Golden-crowned sparrows, Chestnut-backed Chickadee, Oak Titmouse, Bewicks Wren, Says and Black Phoebe, Scrub Jays, Nuttall's and LOTS of Acorn Woodpeckers and a few other species that I have overlooked were also in the area.

Kaaren Perry
Morro Bay

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