Date: 12/27/17 3:33 pm
From: Mitchell Pruitt <0000000b4ac30a99-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Madison County WMA Birds, Including Red Crossbills
I spent the afternoon on a telemetry survey at the Madison County WMA, south of Eureka Springs. Three Northern Saw-whet Owls were detected, two of them usuals that were originally banded 10/30/17 and one I haven’t heard from in a while, originally banded 11/10/17.

Additionally, I happened upon a mixed foraging flock that seemed to be hanging pretty tightly together with the cold weather…the high out there was 26 today. Brrr…The flock included 4 species of woodpecker (Pileated, Red-bellied, Downy, and Northern Flicker), chickadees, titmice, Golden-crowned Kinglets, and White-breasted Nuthatch. Higher up were American Goldfinch and Pine Siskin. About 1/2 mile down the road, some jip, jips caught my attention. Turning, I saw a flock of about 10 Red Crossbills circling a group of shortleaf pines. Circling, they gained at least 25 comrades before diving down into a hollow. Most of the flying birds were of a higher-pitched call type. After the masses disappeared, one lone bird was left calling in a pine; this individual had a noticeably deeper call than the rest. All crossbills were at the intersection of Madison 1250 and Madison 1427.

Mitchell Pruitt
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