Date: 12/27/17 2:21 pm
From: M Gonzalez <towhee...>
Subject: [COBOL] Scouting Bend CBC -- Hatfield update / magpie behavior
Greetings Judy and COBOLers,

I made a lap of the front and back ponds at Hatfield this morning. The front pond is 90% open; the water level is very high and has covered whatever bulrush there was.

As of this morning, there was no open water in the back pond. Water/ice level is low and even if the pond thaws, I doubt there will be any water of consequence for the Bend CBC.

Here is what I observed with some notes. All birds were at front pond except where noted:

Snow Goose (Greater-white Fronted x Snow Goose hybrid?) 1 Very unusual plumage. First thought it was dark phase Snow Goose, but closer examination showed features inconsistent with pure Snow Goose. Photos provided in the eBird list:
( )

Canada Goose 300
Gadwall 2
A Wigeon 150
Mallard 500
Northern Shaveler 25
Northern Pintail 10
Green-winged Teal 50
Canvasback 5
Redhead 10
Ring-necked Duck 500
Lesser Scaup 5
Bufflehead 50
C Goldeneye 2
Ruddy Duck 25
California Quail 10 (back pond -- hunkered down in Tules/bulrush by the "high point" which is great for scoping the back pond (where pond has dog leg and the east-west stretch bends toward the south)
Bald Eagle (2 ad./ 1 sub-adult)
Golden Eagle (1 sub-adult)
Red-tailed Hawk 2 (back pond)
American Coot 25
Killdeer 2
Northern Flicker 1 (back pond)
Black-billed Magpie 10 (both ponds) -- somewhat unusual behavior. A half dozen magpies were calling from top of juniper. I chased the sound thinking that they might be mobbing an owl. No owl, but the juniper was filled with black and white feathers -- a deceased magpie with mourners?)
Raven 10 (both ponds)
Mountain Chickadees 4 (back pond)
Townsend's Solitaire 2
Robin 3
Euro Starling 3 (back pond)
Song Sparrow 10 (back pond)

Good birding,



Mark Gonzalez
Bend, Oregon
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