Date: 12/27/17 9:33 am
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Subject: IBET Changes to Fed. Protection of Native Birds (No Sightings)
If interested in the newest attempts to relax the federal protection of
native birds, please follow this link:

The subject heading of this Dept. of the Interior memo from Dec. 22 is
"The Migratory Bird Treaty Act Does Not Prohibit Incidental Take." To
save time, you may want to skip ahead to the Conclusion on page 41.
That's the enforcement side. On the legislative side the House Committee
on Natural Resources passed an amendment on Nov. 8 that would hold
industry not responsible for bird deaths. For more information, follow
the links at
A few years ago some members of Congress attempted to limit enforcement
of native bird protection laws by cutting the budget of federal agencies
that deal with the International Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Bald
and Golden Eagle Protection Act so that the incidental killing (aka
"taking") of eagles and migratory birds would not be enforced. It failed
to become law.
That was then, this is now.

Here is a link to National Audubon's reaction to the Dec. 22 DOI memo:
Mary Bernat
Conservation Chair
Thorn Creek Audubon Society
So. Cook & E. Will Counties

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