Date: 12/27/17 7:36 am
From: Andrew Burnett <aburnett9180...>
Subject: Parsons CBC 2017
On Dec 22nd the Parsons CBC was completed. I was excited to see how the
count would go as the area has been very birdy the 2 weeks previous.
Despite overcast skies and a cold N wind moving in the night before the
count we did very well as a group.

The count circle ended up at 101 species seen with another 6 species seen
during the count week. 65,860 Individuals were seen. Both numbers being
record highs for this circle. The previous species record was 96 in 2016.
The previous individuals record was 56,486 during the 1994 count. This was
most certainly due to our mild winter leading up to the count day. Neosho
Wildlife area being in a drawn down state also helped as it provided ample
food on the refuge pool to keep the ducks and geese around with mudflats
allowing a large flock of Killdeer and Wilson's Snipe to be viewed.

Here are a few other tidbits:

American Woodcock - first time seen on the count.

Count Week Species - Trumpeter Swan(first time in 9 years not on the count
day), Greater Scaup(not recorded on count day yet), RB Merganser, American
Pelican, Red-breasted Nuthatch, and Smith's Longspur.

Species that set or tied all time high counts - Ross's Goose(65),
Mallard(50,646), Northern Shoveler(295), Green-winged Teal (1031),
Merlin(2), Wilson's Snipe(66), Barred Owl(5), Short-eared Owl(12), Pileated
Woodpecker(9), Eastern Phoebe(2), Tufted Titmouse(52), Carolina Wren(41),
Winter Wren(5), Sedge Wren(2), Common Yellowthroat(2), Yellow-rumped
Warbler(54), Le Conte's(1), Swamp Sparrow (124), White-throated
Sparrow(64), Dark-eyed Junco(803)

The western KS CBC'ers might be interested in the contrast in the totals of
these species. Eurasian-collared Dove(5), House Finch(4), House Sparrow(31)

A big shout out to all the volunteers(10 field counters & 4 feeder
watchers) who made the count a great one! I am looking forward to next

Andrew Burnett
rural Erie, KS

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