Date: 12/26/17 10:08 pm
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Subject: [pen-bird] mini pelagic - lots of fulmars
Hi all,

I was able to hitch a ride on a commercial crab boat today out of Pillar
Point Harbor. Lots of birds out there, with a couple of hundred fulmars
ranging from dark to pale morph. They were drawn to the fishing activity for
some great views. We got to about 10 miles out. Highlights included one
Short-tailed Shearwater, a young Glaucous Gull, Pink-footed Shearwater (out
of season), and two Sooty Shearwaters. One juvenile Black-legged Kittiwake
went by. I was wondering why there were no Ancient Murrelets, although there
were lots of Murres (about 10-20% in breeding plumage), and a good number of
Rhinoceros Auklets and just before we got into the harbor close to shore
there were two Ancients! Before I could get a camera on them, they dove and
did not reappear.

Lots of hybrid gulls as well, but I will spare folks the confusing
details. Here are some photos:

Glaucous, kittiwake, Short-tailed

Fulmars, Pink-foot, Sooty

good birding


Alvaro Jaramillo

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