Date: 12/26/17 7:09 pm
From: Peter Metropulos <pjmetrop...> [peninsula-birding] <peninsula-birding-noreply...>
Subject: [pen-bird] Recent SAN MATEO COUNTY noteworthies

Holiday Greetings birding community !I have not found any super-rare or chaseworthy birds in the past couple months hence no posts from me recently. However the following observations of local interest may be worthy of your attention.....
10/19/17    Purissima Cr.Rd. at Verde Rd.: Ferruginous Hawk(I imm.).                  Miramontes Pt.:   Western Grebe(huge flotilla of 1400 birds. Virginia Rail at golfcourse wetland.                  Pilarcitos Cr.mouth:  Snowy Plover(54).  Generous flock of 1300 Sanderlings.                  Half Moon Bay State Beach(Kelly Ave.):   Palm Warbler(one in fennel).
10/21/17    SM /SCruz Co.line,Hwy 1:   Harlequin Duck(one drake. Same spot one wintered last year.                  Pigeon Pt.:    Palm Warbler(one in plowed field).                  Franklin Pt.:  Cackling Goose(one flying south).                  Pescadero Rd./Butano Cr.: Cackling Goose(3 minima).                  Butano Cut-Off:   Violet-green Swallow(3).
10/22/17:   Devil's Slide Trail:   Rock Wren(1).
11/4/17:     Bolsa Pt.:    Cackling Goose (3  in field)
11/15/17    Olivet Cemetery,Colma:   Cackling Goose (2 Aleutian)                  Cypress Lawn Cemetery:  Yellow Warbler(one,late).  Also a Palm Warbler perched on a headstone.
 e11/8/17      Westridge Dr.,Portola Valley:    Wild Turkeys(flock of 10 birds on driveway.
11/11/17:   Reflection Lake,La Honda:     Hooded Merganser(7).  Green Heron(1).                  Pigeon Point:     Tricolored Blackbird(a  flock of 1200 birds here included not a single female!)
11/12/17:   Oyster Point Marina:   Forster's Tern(massive roost of 340 birds on breakwater).
11/13/17:   Pillar Point Harbor:   The Red-footed Booby and Northern Gannet were seen as expected, but a Red Knot on the mudflat                  at the harbor's southeast corner was an unexpected discovery since they are quite rare on the coast.
11/18/17:   Pescadero Rd./Hwy 1 :  Cackling Goose(19 Aleutians in field).                  Pigeon Point:   Cackling Goose(a V-formation of 52 or so birds flying north at 10 AM. I saw the flock circling over south                                          Half Moon Bay 45 minutes later. This is by far the largest group of cacklers I've ever seen in SM County..                                          Once very rare locally this species seems to be increasing here each successive year.                 Also at Pigeon Pt:   Red-throated Loon(400 counted flying north in 15 minutes).                 SM/SCRz County Line,Hwy 1:   Black Scoter(7)                 Verde Rd.pond:   Common Gallinule(1).
12/10/17     Pigeon Point:  Burrowing Owl( Two birds. One at usual spot along Pigeon Pt. Rd., and another at a well-used hole                   about a half-mile to the east in hilly grassland.
12/16/17     Pillar Point Bluff(Crystal Springs CBC):   Highlights were a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher and a pair of Marbled Murrelets.
12/17/17    Foster City shellbar:    Rock Wren( one on rock breakwater at Beach Park Blvd./Tarpon St.. Also here were 37 roosting                                                      Black Skimmers.
I also observed a total of 6 Merlins between 10/29/17 and 11/12/17,all on the bay side of SM County.
ENJOY the Season !
Peter J. MetropulosSan Carlos,CA.
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