Date: 12/26/17 2:07 pm
From: Susan Schaezler <susan...>
Subject: [texbirds] 12-26-17 Golden-Crowned Sparrow pleasing @ Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary
12-26-17 Golden-Crowned Sparrow pleasing @ Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary
Today, we had repeat visits from the ones that came during major hawk problems near the Golden-Crowned Sparrow & they missed out, so some drove an 8 hr return trip and succeeded beautifully! It is so nice to please so many and they keep finding great birds in their short walk there and back—just think if they had time to explore the 124 acres with varied habitat! The good thing is—they will come back!

A hint on getting the Golden-Crowned Sparrow—he hangs out with the House Sparrows and comes out when ~10 House Sparrows come out, which requires calm gallery to not spook the pesky House Sparrows! And then, the challenge is—the bird blends in and the light has been dreadful with our weather. In the afternoon, he shows up in the less congested areas and sometimes, you are Blessed with 10 min with the bird in the open! This is the opposite direction from the preferred one. He is 15-25’ from you, so you are quite close. Last person just left, before new arrivals and he got the bird and heading to the Valley.

So, get your request to visit in asap and I control parking with your request. Please read what I send you—many are not and miss out that they are blocking the signal. You can save the ebird link to get what is turned in, but rare species aren’t listed, so no Golden-Crowned Sparrow.

to visit:

Next time you come, try checking out the productive Scout Pond Dam Covered Blind and far field
Chat Pond Covered Blind
Thomas’ Meadow Covered Blind
Warbler Pond, with permission & good place for Hutton’s Vireo
Sparrow Hole
All these get food every day of the year and we use 25-30#/day, which Thomas Moore Feed donates to us—otherwise, our costs would be worst—thank you Thomas Moore Feed!

We are a 501(C)(3) &
2016 we personally gave $20,000; others $8,500
2017 we personally gave $18,800; others $7,300
2015 we personally gave $12,750; others $5,000

We had a College Student make $60 today working on Warbler Woods Bird Sanctuary chores—we have to pay to get trails and things done—please consider sending us more enthusiastic workers to keep things going & consider donating for an hour of labor or service in volunteering—we pay $10-15/hr. We are on PayPal charity Listing

Susan Schaezler,
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