Date: 12/26/17 11:36 am
From: Anthony Hewetson <fattonybirds...>
Subject: [texbirds] Tundra Swans still in Lynn County
Greetings All:
I spent most of yesterday in a very dry and windswept Lynn County. I
managed to add two species to my year list for the county (Hooded Merganser
and Golden-crowned Kinglet) but couldn't get photographs of either (the
mergansers were too far away for my camera and the kinglet was too twitchy)
so they boosted my total but hurt my percentage photographed stat.

Highlights for the day: 18 Greater White-fronted Geese at the FM 1054 x FM
1313 Playa, 3 Snow Geese at the CR 28 x FM 1054 Playa,* 8 Tundra Swans* at
the FM 1054 x FM 1313 Playa, 1 Canvasback at the FM 1054 x FM 1313 Playa, 2
Eared Grebes at the FM 1054 x FM 1313 Playa, 1 American Avocet at the
O'Donnell Playa, 2 Snowy Plovers at the salt playas just south of Tahoka, 4
Least Sandpipers at the O'Donnell Playa, 7 Long-billed Dowitchers at the
O'Donnell Playa, 3 Wilson's Snipes at the CR EE Wetlands, 2 Greater
Yellowlegs at the O'Donnell Playa, 1 Peregrine Falcon near West Point, 1
Golden-crowned Kinglet at the Tahoka Cemetery Complex, 2 Mountain Bluebirds
at the Tahoka Cemetery Complex, 1 Hermit Thrush at the CR 28 x FM 1054
Playa, 1 Orange-crowned Warbler in Tahoka, and 1 Common Yellowthroat at the
New Moore Wetlands,

On the way home I stopped at Leroy Elmore Park in Lubbock where I watched
the arrival of the cormorants at the roost. Highlights at this site
included 2 Greater White-fronted Geese (flyover), 29 Wood Ducks, 2 adult
Neotropic Cormorants, 1 Snowy Egret, and 1 Peregrine Falcon.

Only two days of birding left in this year for me - the White River Lake
CBC (in Dickens and Crosby Counties) on the 30th ... and one more visit to
Lynn County on the 31st. Then it will be time for some new games:)

Anthony 'Fat Tony' Hewetson; Lubbock

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