Date: 12/26/17 11:14 am
From: Rowe, Richard A, 'Dick' via va-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [Va-bird] Birding on Kiawah Island SC - Wilson's Plover and Orange-crowned Warbler
All - Yesterday, the sun finally came out and we were able to bird in the afternoon. We focused our birding on the east end (really northeast end) of the island near the famous Ocean Course. We found several large groups of shorebird - perhaps totaling 1000 birds. The most common birds were Semipalmated Plovers, Sanderlings, Black Skimmers, and Dunlins. There were a number of other species mixed in. We located a group of about 30 Wilson's Plovers who were hunkered down trying to get out of the wind. In the same area, there was a family of Bald Eagles - 2 adults and 3 juveniles. The adults were chased, when they had fish, by either Ring-billed Gulls or their own offspring. I've up-loaded some photos of the encounters but must admit that photographing birds in flight is not one of my strengths. As we were about to leave, we located and Orange-crowned Warbler in the some of the wax myrtle. I have up-loaded some photos of the Wilson's Plovers, Orange-crowned Warbler, an
d the eagles to my Flickr site.

Here's the link to Flickr

Dick Rowe
VMI Biology Dept

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