Date: 12/26/17 10:53 am
From: Leland Shaum <sleepyck...>
Subject: [IN-BIRD-L] LaGrange County Harris's Sparrow
We chased a report of Harris's Sparrow this morning and found a first year
male coming to feeders at the Orva Yoder home, 1205 N 400 W, Lagrange, IN
46761. It came to the feeder repeatedly while we were there and gave us good
looks as close as 3-4 feet. It also spent time in several shrubs in the lawn
and in a brushpile by the pond.

Birders are welcome, and if Orva's are there they will invite you in to
watch the feeders. If they are not there you can drive up between the house
and shop and see the yard and pond from the car, but not the feeders. You
will need to walk toward the LP tank to see the feeders. They request that
you sign their guestbook if you come, even if they are not there. It will be
just inside the garage door with the sign on it.

Good Birding!

Leland Shaum,

Goshen, IN

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