Date: 12/25/17 9:53 pm
From: Tom Crabtree <tc...>
Subject: [COBOL] December Raptor Survey
Channeling Frank Chapman, I decided to conduct my December Lake Billy
Chinook Raptor Census today. When I left Bend it was 29 degrees and sunny.
When I got up to Culver it was 12 degrees. A mile into the route there was
thick fog with visibility about 100 yards. Fortunately that only lasted for
about a mile. From there till the end of the route, the temperature was in
the teens, sunny skies and thick hoarfrost. It was an interesting route
with half the stops having no birds, including 10 in a row. The other stops

50 Red-tails

4 Rough-legs

8 American Kestrels

4 Northern Harriers

4 Bald Eagles (2 adults, 2 sub-adults)

3 Prairie Falcons

2 Merlins

75 birds total in 46.3 survey miles.

The coolest sighting was a Merlin barreling down a road about six inches off
the ground chasing a flock of White-crowned Sparrows. All in all it was a
great way to spend a Christmas.

Tom Crabtree, Bend

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