Date: 12/25/17 11:19 am
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Subject: Re: IBET 12 Trumpeter Swans Independence Grove
Merry Christmas, Jerry:
Thanks for your post.

I am still looking for Snowy Owls in Boone, Winnebago, etc. ( western
counties )
Didn't locate any Mississippi Kites near Rockford, this year, or last.
The Bald Eagle Nest on Woodstock Road, near Piscasaw Creek, was
destroyed by a lightning strike during the storms of April or May,
2017 while I was visiting in California. No sure fledgling or adult
sightings in this area, or along the Kishwaukee river, from mid-June,
2017 to Dec. Too Bad, that nest was only 12 minutes from my house.
As Ever, Orin Keplinger in Boone County :)

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Subject: IBET 12 Trumpeter Swans Independence Grove
Date: 25 Dec 2017 18:35:31 +0000

Best viewed from the south lot.
Buckley RD east of Milwaukee RD

Also Goldeneye Ducks etc

Merry Christmas
Jerry Goldner



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