Date: 12/25/17 7:02 am
From: bill fontenot <natrldlite...>
Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Fork-tailed F/C, Grove-billed Ani, Brown Booby
you musta been a good boy this year Juan.....!

pretty sure everyone on this list has tasted the bitterness of missing a chase bird.....on multiple occasions....thus we can all share in your triumph for a moment at least...

we should be able to get you a WEKI here closer to home.....

merry christmas dude!

bill fontenot
n lafayette parish, LA

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> On Dec 24, 2017, at 8:14 PM, John Romano <birderjuan...> wrote:
> I have never birded in the New Orleans area, but thanks to all of the
> great info shared by the birders on this list and their inputs to e-bird, I
> put together a wish list of 5 potential Louisiana or Life birds and talked
> a friend into joining me for the junket.
> We arrived at the Belle Chase Ferry at 10:31 just in time to see the
> ferry pull away. As I sat distraught and pouting in the car my friend got
> out and a few minutes later asked, what are those green birds over there ?
> Monk Parakeets. New Louisiana Bird - no need to search City Park.
> Got ferry ride accross river and drove south 7 tenths mile and looked
> around, nothing. Waited awhile and approx 11:25 AM decided to walk up
> toward the levy and tree line and found the Fork-tailed F/C perched about
> 2/3 the way up a tree. New Louisiana bird - not a lifer as I saw the the
> 3rd Wisconsin state record for this species in Oct 2000 in Dane County
> Wisconsin. Have good photos and will post in E-bird report later.
> Off to Braithwaite. Looked around about 90 minutes and suddenly there
> they were, the Grove-billed Ani at around 1:45 PM. Once we found them they
> were extremely cooperative and I have maybe 40 photos, some from 30 feet
> away and will post in e-bird report once sorted and cropped. This was a
> Finally decided to use the Pontchartrian Causeway for trip back to
> Lafayette area. The way things were going we might actually see a Brown
> Booby, and we did. Around 16.4 the bird approached low over the water with
> view of the long pointed wings and swung north giving us a perfect side
> view of the white belly, dark neck and head and lightish bill. LIFER.
> Good people, this never happens to me to have so much good birding
> fortune on a planned outing with target birds. I just had to tell the
> story.
> ( only miss was the Western Kingbird )
> Thanks again for all the shared information.
> John Romano
> Opelousas/Beaux Bridge
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