Date: 12/24/17 6:51 pm
From: Fred Petersen <0000000abacb4558-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Purple Finches, geese, Rancho San Rafael (12/24/17)
Rancho San Rafael, Reno, Washoe County (12/24/17)

The Purple Finches continue at RSR.
There were 3 this afternoon (all
female types) feeding with a House
finch and Hermit Thrushes in an
isolated crabapple overlooking
Evans Creek at the N edge of the
Botanical Gardens c.30 yards or so NW
of the crabapples in the ranch house
grounds where they've been most
frequently seen in the past. Up to
now, I'd never seen more than 2 of
these finches together (though
3 have been reported by others).

Continuing geese on the lawns
included the immature Ross's,
an immature Snow, and the flock of
15 Aleutian-type Cacklers. I didn't
see any Minimas today (Canada
Goose numbers were also down)

(Purple Finch demolishing a crabapple)

--Fred Petersen, Reno
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